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Drop a WhatsApp message with the issues of your rubbish chute. Our friendly customer service support team will provide a recommended solution along with a quote for your rubbish chute replacement.

Supply & Installation

Schedule a convenient time for our experienced and professional technician team to replace your old & faulty rubbish chute for a new one.

Professional Installation

Our professional and efficient technicians will complete the installation of your new rubbish chute during the scheduled time.

HDB and Condo Rubbish Chutes

We specialise in rubbish chute replacements for HDB and Condo residential estates. A rubbish chute service required can be a critical and important need. That is why we are prepared to serve you quickly and efficiently. We are a trusted rubbish chute replacement service with high quality rubbish chute services at an affordable rubbish chute price.


HDB Rubbish Chute

HDB Rubbish Chutes require more care and maintenance from you to keep your home pest-free and non-odorous. Learn more about our HDB rubbish chute services and what we can help you with.


Condo Rubbish Chute

Condo rubbish chutes come in different measurements and sizes. Learn more about our Condo rubbish chute services and what we can help you with.

Quality Rubbish Chutes & Professional Services

Quick Service Delivery

Our fast-response team ensures you do not have to wait long for your rubbish chute replacement.

Professional Services

With professional tools and the expertise, we efficiently remove, install, seal and clean up your rubbish chute area in 3 hours tops.

We Amaze Clients

Our affordable prices and excellent rubbish chute installation surprises clients with how well we carry out our jobs.

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What our customers say
Was looking for someone to replace our Condo's rubbish chute. Searched in Google and found these guys. As the condo rubbish chute isn't a standard size as HDB rubbish chutes as explained by the customer service on the phone, the price was a little steeper than what we expected to pay. However, after seeing how well they did the replacement job, have no regrets! They did a beautiful job!
Asked around for rubbish chute prices and felt this was the most affordable for the high quality workmanship they claim to provide. They did not disappoint, and I felt the price was reasonable considering some others are charging more than $400 for it.
I was surprised at the option of choosing a rubbish chute colour as I thought they always came in silver steel. The worker who came to replace our HDB rubbish chute really took the time and effort to make sure they did a good job. I'm very grateful for that. Would definitely recommend.
I was impressed by how Rajan was very friendly when he greeted us, and then hit the ground running replacing our rubbish chute. He also explained to us how to maintain our rubbish chute. The clean up of the rubbish chute itself and the rubbish area is incredible. Thumbs up and thank you for the great service.

About Us

We operate islandwide around Singapore to respond to your HDB or Condo rubbish chute needs. Our services are a full supply and installation operation to give you the most convenient solution, and a complete peace of mind. We ensure expert & professional installation methods, taking up less than 3 hours of your time.

Fast Response

We know how frustrating it is to leave an entryway in your home unguarded from pests and foul odour. Our team is deployed every single day to solve a homeowner’s woe with their rubbish chute, which we quickly respond to with professionalism and enthusiasm.

High Quality

We are committed to be the 1-stop solution for HDB and Condo rubbish chutes. We supply and install quality material rubbish chutes to deliver a long-lasting solution.  Our rubbish chutes also come in various colours to give your rubbish chute a pop of colour in your home.

Price Transparency

We are 100% transparent with our prices while keeping it affordable for all homeowners. Please feel free to send us a picture of your rubbish chute, and we will respond quickly with the price quoted nett.

Open chat
Hi, do you need some help with any Rubbish Chute Services? Text us now!