Common problems with HDB rubbish chutes


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Rubbish chutes are a very efficient and clean way to dispose of your rubbish on a daily basis. The system is so seamless and easy that users don’t often think twice about their HDB rubbish chute. And if proper maintenance is absent, problems can arise accompanied by some nasty consequences. There are a few common problems with HDB rubbish chutes that sometimes have simple solutions or repairs but often lead to an HDB rubbish chute replacement. The most common problems with HDB rubbish chutes are:


1) HDB Rubbish chute door is stuck

This happens with rubbish chutes that are poorly maintained or very old. If you notice your rubbish chute door is stuck, it would not be advisable to pull it open forcefully as it will simply not do it any good afterward. This is the time for a replacement of your rubbish chute.


2) Rubbish chute handle broken


This can happen when the rubbish chute door is used carelessly on a daily basis. The new handle will either come loose or its catching mechanism no longer works and you cannot open the rubbish chute door. Here is a possibility to repair the chute door with a new handle if it is just a lever or handle to pull on, but if the rubbish chute door handle is part of its lock, it will be hard to simply look for an HDB rubbish chute repair.

One thing to note is that if the rubbish chute door handle is to be repaired back, this will cause it to lose its warranty. Additionally, if the rubbish door handle comes detached, it may be a sign that your HDB rubbish chute will not last long either. The chance of the problem reoccurring is significantly higher than with an HDB rubbish chute replacement.


3) Loose Hinge on the rubbish chute


The same as with the broken handle, a loose hinge can be repaired but is vulnerable to the same problem occurring again. A loose hinge is often a sign of an HDB rubbish chute that needs to be replaced. If you replace the entire chute, you renew your warranty and you don’t have to worry about the same problems happening again.

4) Rusty Rubbish chute

If you notice your rubbish chute is starting to rust, your chute is in need of replacement. Rust causes a multitude of other problems regarding hygiene and functionality. Replacing your HDB rubbish chute with a new chute made from stainless steel will ensure that your chute will remain rust-free.


5) Silicon seal worn out or torn


If your HDB rubbish chute’s silicon seal is starting to show signs of wear or tear, you will need a top up. You can either do this yourself or contact a rubbish chute specialist to do this for you. It is important that the silicon seal is functioning properly to keep out smells and insects.


6) Pests and rodents

If you are experiencing problems due to either pests or rodents in or around your property, you can lay traps around the area of the rubbish chute to make sure they are quickly exterminated. Additionally, you want to make sure that the silicon seal is intact and that the chute door closes properly. If the pests and rodents don’t disappear, contact your tenant or and discuss a solution.


Reasons why people replace HDB rubbish chutes

Often times, HDB rubbish chutes are old or improperly installed and need a complete replacement. This can be due to decomposition smells, deterioration of the chute, cockroaches living on and creating rust on the metal. In other cases, the owners of the apartment decide to make the apartment more fire resistant by having a HDB rubbish chute replacement with a rubbish chute that is designed to prevent fires from starting and spreading. these chutes are more expensive but offer a higher level of safety assurance.

Cockroach problem

Cockroach eggs may have been laid in your rubbish chute and every time you open it, it would lead to an invasion of dirty, unwanted guests. There are also instances of HDB rubbish chute doors that do not close properly because there is debris made up of small pieces of dirt, fluff, dust and yes, even crushed cockroach bodies.

Recent fire


One may need to replace their HDB rubbish chute due to a recent fire, or to prevent one with a fire-rated rubbish chute. HDB rubbish chute fires is one of the biggest causes of HDB fires. Flammable items can be found among the rubbish thrown in the refuse chutes, and irresponsible people may have thrown something in with burning embers – that would cause a spark and set ablaze any flammable materials within the rubbish chute shaft.

Deteriorated rubbish chutes

A HDB rubbish chute that is not well-maintained would lead to foul smells, broken hinges or handles, or even loose gaps somewhere that will allow unwanted pests to enter from it. As this might evidently cause quite some trouble for the homeowner if not solved quickly, most people will need a HDB rubbish chute repair or replacement quickly.

Home Renovation


Most people would think a rubbish chute is the most unsightly thing in the house and try to hide it from sight as much as possible. However, some have embraced the humble HDB rubbish chute as part of their home décor. If you don’t know already, our HDB rubbish chute designs come in a standard size but are available in different colours to give it some personality.


What features of HDB chutes are best to solve these problems?

If you decide to have a professional rubbish chute contractor replace your HDB rubbish chute, you want to ensure your new HDB rubbish chute has the right features to prevent the same problems from bothering you in the future. If the problem you had was caused by rust in the shaft or on the door, you can choose your new HDB rubbish chute to be made out of stainless steel. If you are worried about the increased chance of fire spreading to your apartment through your HDB rubbish chute, you should ensure that your new chute is fire-rated. To know more about your HDB rubbish chute features, you can read more about things you want to look out for in your HDB rubbish chute

Fun Fact: HDB rubbish chutes are not required to be fire-rated but Condo rubbish chutes are.


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