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If you are handy enough, you could try replacing the latches and the hinges of your rubbish chute door yourself, to ensure it closes properly and keeps out the smell and the bugs. For bigger replacements or repairs, it is advised to call a rubbish chute contractor instead. A hygienic rubbish chute is very important and is best done by someone that has the necessary experience. The same goes for a replacement, this is a very precise procedure and if done improperly, will not provide you with the solution you need.


How to replace a HDB rubbish chute?

A HDB rubbish chute comes in standard sizes and therefore, very easy to find and replace. A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore provides a 1-stop service for your HDB rubbish chute replacement, by supplying and installing your HDB rubbish chute for you. It comes in either aluminium or stainless steel material and can come in a variety of colours to give a pop of colour to your home.

Reasons For A Rubbish Chute Replacement?

As you use a rubbish chute on a daily basis, it is important to keep it clean and smooth functioning. Rubbish chutes can, if not properly maintained, can lead to a growing problem of insect infestation, odorous smells or even fire in your home. Therefore, it is advised that you take good care of your rubbish chute and when it stops functioning properly, you should determine what the problem is and take action.


Here are some of the reasons when you should replace your rubbish chute:

Rust: Your rubbish chute is already showing signs of damage and as it continues to rust, it also means that the corrosive material (probably from food debris or other substances) will lead to further damage to the rubbish chute.

Dents: If there are dents that malforms the rubbish chute, such that it loses its air-tight function, then the rubbish chute is not useful to you anymore. This is a potential entryway for insects to invade your home, and for foul garbage smell to come through.

Smelly: If you notice that there is a strong, foul odour coming from your rubbish chute, you need a rubbish chute replacement quickly. The rubbish chute is no longer able to keep out the refuse chute smell because of cracks, holes or dents.


Noise: If your rubbish chute tends to produce loud bangs when your upstairs neighbours are throwing their trash down the refuse chute, it means you might want to replace your rubbish chute with a shorter tongue.

Leaking Rubbish Chute: Some homes have their rubbish chutes near a water source, perhaps under a kitchen sink. If your pipes are leaking, it will affect your rubbish chute by making it rust faster. You can contact A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore to handle both your plumbing and rubbish chute needs.

Things to Look Out For In Your HDB Rubbish Chute

Most people do not give a second thought about their HDB rubbish chutes, but why should they? However, when it comes around the day you might need a HDB Rubbish Chute Replacement, you will start to consider a few things about your HDB rubbish chute, like the safety, the shelf-life, and the design of your rubbish chute.


After all, these factors also contribute to the price of the rubbish chute you will be quoted. A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore quotes all rubbish chute installation prices that are inclusive of material, labour and transport. No hidden costs in a bid for price transparency.

Common Problems with HDB Rubbish Chutes

Rubbish chutes are a very efficient and clean way to dispose of your rubbish on a daily basis. The system is so seamless and easy that users don’t often think twice about their HDB rubbish chute. And if proper maintenance is absent, problems can arise accompanied by some nasty consequences. There are a few common problems with HDB rubbish chutes that sometimes have simple solutions or repairs but often lead to an HDB rubbish chute replacement.


Besides the usual problems of it getting dirty, not working anymore or being prone to rodents and insects, there are various other common problems with HDB rubbish chutes you may want to note for the future.

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