Things to Know About Your Condo Rubbish Chute


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1. Size

Unlike HDB rubbish chutes, Condo rubbish chutes do not come in a standard size. Its size is usually decided by the property management and sometimes, it can measure even smaller than a regular HDB rubbish chute. As such, a common problem faced by condo owners with a built-in rubbish chute is, that they are not able to dispose of bulky wastes. They will be forced to carry the bulky garbage bags either to a designated trash area on their floor or have to haul it all the way down to a centralised garbage disposal centre on ground level. Not the most ideal.


2. Tensile Strength 


Due to its smaller size, some people may misuse their condo rubbish chute by stretching the rubbish chute cover as much as possible, to fit in their large garbage bags. However, condo rubbish chutes are not built differently from HDB rubbish chutes. They need to be taken care of just the same or else, the constant misuse would lead to loose hinges, broken rubbish chute doors, or even stuck rubbish chute doors. If it makes any difference to you, you can request for a higher tensile strength rubbish chute, and A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore will try to accommodate.


3. Condo Rubbish Chute Price and Warranty


As condo rubbish chutes are generally more expensive to replace, there are more requests for a rubbish chute repair than a condo rubbish chute replacement. However, homeowners must note that rubbish chutes will lose their warranty if any repairs are done on them. Therefore, it is better to replace a whole new one that will last a much longer time than a simple repair.


4. Short or Long-Tongued Rubbish Chute 


The tongue is the thing that sticks out from the rubbish chute opening when closed. It is also the thing that you lay your rubbish bag in before closing to dispose of it.  A short tongue is more suitable for lower floor condo units to avoid loud bangs from rubbish bags thrown from the upper floor units, that will hit your condo rubbish chute tongue.


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