Things To Look Out For In Your HDB Rubbish Chute


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1. Material


HDB rubbish chutes, like condo rubbish chutes, are usually made of 2 types of material. Regardless of what kind of material the rubbish chute is made up of, it is always necessary to take care of and maintain your rubbish chute. This is so that you preserve its shelf-life as long as possible, and you don’t have to worry about unwanted pests or a foul odor around the refuse chute area.

Stainless Steel: This is resistant to corrosion, and is anti-rust but not scratch-proof.

Aluminum: Is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, is anti-rust, and is scratch-proof.


2. Airtight Structure


One of the important features to look out for when purchasing a rubbish chute is its airtight structure.  It helps to keep out pesky pests and a foul odor emanating from the depths of the garbage collection areas. If you want extra security, you can always install a lock on the rubbish chute but do note that this may invalidate the warranty of the HDB dustbin chute. Others have resorted to strong duct tape or flesh out a pricey sum for a magnetic rubbish chute.

*Disclaimer: Do take note that a rubbish chute with an airtight structure is not 100% airtight. While most rubbish chutes are able to keep out insects and pests, during the fumigation process, smoke and pests may enter through these small gaps. It is recommended to seal all openings and joints of the rubbish chute with masking tape before the time of fogging to prevent this from happening.


3. Tensile Strength 


It refers to the ability of the rubbish chute to combat the user’s strength and the weight of the rubbish it holds. Higher tensile strength means that you should not encounter any loose hinges at the point the rubbish chute cover pivots to open and close.

Take care not to be rough when opening the rubbish chute, or trying to force it open beyond its maximum angle; to accommodate a too-large rubbish bag.


4. Brinell Hardness


It refers to how easily the rubbish chute will dent upon impact. It is not usual for an HDB rubbish chute to be dented easily as it would be of useless quality. You can be assured most HDB rubbish chutes will be of decent quality.


5. Short or Long-Tongued Rubbish Chute 


The tongue is the thing that sticks out from the rubbish chute opening when closed. It is also the thing that you lay your rubbish bag in before closing to dispose of it.  A short tongue is more suitable for lower floor HDB units to avoid loud bangs from rubbish bags thrown from the upper floor units, that will hit your HDB rubbish chute tongue.


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