Types of Rubbish Chute Repairs You Will Encounter


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Just like any other system in your home, your rubbish chute system may need repairs from time to time. One of the most common reasons for seeking our condo rubbish chute repair services is mostly due to wear and tear issues.


Loose Rubbish Chute Door Hinge


It is normal for the hinges of a chute door to get loose due to frequent use. When the door of a rubbish chute is opened too frequently or harshly, the screws securing the rubbish chute hinges become loose.

When the door hinge is loose, this would mean that it is easier for industrious rodents or pests to push through the doors to enter your home. This would also mean your condo rubbish chute is no longer air-tight and can allow foul odor into your home.

Therefore, fixing the rubbish chute door hinge is a very important thing when it comes to a condo rubbish chute repair.

The procedure for repairing loose hinges is different for wooden and steel doors. It does not simply mean a tightening of the screws should do the trick. The repair for rubbish door hinges depends on the extent of damage to the screw threads. They could have been eroded from constant use or rusted to disrepair.

Solution: If the level of damage to the threads is high, you may need to buy a screw set. This may be difficult as the screw sets will differ for each model or even the brand of the rubbish chute. They are also very small so it requires a lot of patience and nimble dexterity to make sure your screws don’t fall into the chute during the rubbish chute repair.


Gaps Between The Rubbish Chute and Wall


When the rubbish chute is not correctly installed, over time, wear and tear will cause the whole rubbish chute to become loose and detach from the wall. This is dangerous as this will quickly lead to the whole rubbish chute falling out and exposing a huge entryway connecting your home directly to the garbage area.

Solution: Best to go for a rubbish chute replacement that is the most cost-efficient solution, that will last you for longer than a repair.


Broken or Loose Rubbish Chute Door Handle


This usually happens when the door handle has been screwed on, rather than welded together with the rubbish chute door. When this happens, a handle can be screwed back on. However, the problem will reoccur since this is most likely due to wear and tear. Otherwise, the handle wouldn’t have fallen off so easily.

Solution: Tighten the screws of the rubbish chute door handle. If you notice that the drill holes of the door handle are on the rubbish chute door and has tiny gaps to allow room for atmospheric corrosion, it is best to reinforce the rubbish door handle with silicone sealant. Otherwise, opt for a rubbish chute replacement with a better design.


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