When to Replace Your Rubbish Chute?


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Most homeowners and property managers neglect rubbish chutes, yet they are vital to ensure good sanitary conditions. If your system requires frequent repairs, it is time to replace the rubbish chutes.

Are your rubbish chutes facing these problems? If so, you may need to replace your rubbish chute.

Rusty and smelly chutes attract cockroaches and other types of insects. Do not tolerate such conditions, consider contacting professional rubbish chute contractors to fix the problem.

A rubbish chute should be air-tight. The chutes may lose their air-tight function if they have dents. In such cases, consider replacing them to avoid the foul smell of garbage and keep insects away from your home.

When the rubbish chutes are too old, they tend to produce a loud noise when they are opened or when closing. Such chutes should be replaced as soon as possible.

There are numerous benefits of hiring professional rubbish chute installers to handle the situation. For example, A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore both supply rubbish chutes in various colours of your preference, and help you install them within 3 hours. We are a fast-response team to deliver you the rubbish chute services you need and have an excellent customer support team to fulfill your needs.

Experienced service providers have the skills needed to design chute systems and maintain them in good condition to avoid deterioration and malfunctioning. Also, professional rubbish chute contractors will also help you to select quality rubbish chutes to meet your needs and guarantee value for your money.


What is our Process of replacing your Rubbish Chute?

Step 1:

If yours is an HDB rubbish chute, they come in standard sizes, so you only need to contact us and we will settle the rest for you!

If yours is a Condo rubbish chute, please provide us with the measurements of your rubbish chute, width, and length. We will source the rubbish chute in these measurements and fix the nearest appointment with you.

Step 2:

When we arrive, we get to work removing your old rubbish chute with professional tools. No wall hacking will be involved.

Step 3:

We use our drilling services to install the rubbish chute. It includes drilling and installing the new rubbish chute.

Step 4:

Lastly, the chutes are sealed and the area thoroughly cleaned.


How Much Is A Rubbish Chute Replacement?

The cost of a rubbish chute replacement depends on the rubbish chute price. A condo rubbish chute price is higher than an HDB rubbish chute. This is because condo rubbish chutes have custom measurements due to there being no standard sizes, and all condo rubbish chutes are required to be fire-rated. Therefore, the price will definitely be higher. The rubbish chute replacement price we quote you will be inclusive of the material, labour, and transport with no hidden costs.

A1 Rubbish Chute Singapore provides quick response and support for HDB and Condo Homeowners who need rubbish chute services. What you get is Singapore rubbish chutes at reasonable and affordable rubbish chute price, with quality workmanship. We specialise in HDB rubbish chute and Condo rubbish chute works. Need help learning more about your HDB Rubbish Chute or Condo Rubbish Chute? Read through our articles and browse through our past rubbish chute replacements. For reliable rubbish chute services, Whatsapp us now, call +65 6797 8776 or email us at enquiry@a1rubbishchute.com!

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